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Sunrise Reviews

Sunrise Reviews

Sunrise Reviews

Sunrise steps

How Do I Request that an Occupation be Regulated?

Anyone proposing to impose regulation on an unregulated occupation or profession must submit a sunrise application to COPRRR. We conduct a comprehensive study and submit a written report to the Colorado General Assembly recommending if regulation is needed. Applications received by December 1st will have a review completed by October 15th of the following year.  To request a sunrise application, please email COPRRR directly at

If your sunrise application is requesting that the occupation or profession be required to comply with mandatory continuing education requirements, that application must be submitted as well.

    Mandatory Continuing Education

How are Reviews Conducted?

  • Whether the unregulated practice of the occupation or profession clearly harms or endangers the health, safety or welfare of the public, and whether the potential for harm is easily recognizable and not remote or dependent on tenuous argument;
  • Whether the public needs, and can be reasonably expected to benefit from, an assurance of initial and continuing professional or occupational competence;
  • Whether the public can be adequately protected by other means in a more cost-effective manner; and
  • Whether the imposition of any disqualifications on applicants for licensure, certification, relicensure, or recertification based on criminal history serves public safety or commercial or consumer protection interests.

COPRRR may decline to conduct sunrise reviews in certain circumstances, such as in the case of a repeat application with no new information provided or in cases where a profession or occupation is posing an imminent threat to the public's health, safety or welfare.

What Happens after the Review is Submitted to the General Assembly?

To create a regulatory requirement, the applicant or some other party must seek legislation, and they may do so regardless of the findings of the sunrise review.  The General Assembly makes the final determination whether regulation should be imposed upon an occupation or profession.


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