Sunset Reviews

Sunset Reviews

Sunset Reviews

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Who Conducts a Sunset Review?

COPRRR is charged by statute to conduct a sunset review of the entity or function and produce a report of its findings and recommendations prior to the agencies' sunset. Reviews are conducted according to statutory review schedule and according to statutory criteria.

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Providing Input on a Sunset Review

The review process involves soliciting and receiving input from interested parties and stakeholders. Anyone can contact COPRRR to provide input on a review. There is no need to wait to be contacted.

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Preparing for a Sunset Review

A recording of a webinar conducted in August 2019 providing an overview of the sunset process and identifying tasks to make participation in the sunset review more impactful.

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Publication of Sunset Review Reports

The annual sunset review process culminates in the release of a report and supporting materials to the Office of Legislative Legal Services each year by October 15. 

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Sunset Review Statutory Criteria

See the statute at section 24-34-104, C.R.S.

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