Cutting Burden Statewide

Cutting Burden Statewide

Department Rule Review Documents

2018 Regulatory Agendas

Section §2-7-203(4), C.R.S., requires all departments to submit a document to the Colorado General Assembly containing a list of new rules or revisions that a department expects to propose in the next calendar year. 

Department Rule Review Schedules

Senate Bill 14-063 requires each department to conduct a review of its rules to assess continuing need for, and the appropriateness and cost effectiveness of, its rules to determine if they should be continued in their current form, modified, or repealed. 

2017 Regulatory Reports

Departments are required to submit a report on the results of the Regulatory Agenda, as well as the results of the department’s Mandatory Rules Review. 

Cutting the Red Tape

Pits and Peeves Initiative

In 2011, the State hosted a series of roundtable discussions where business organizations, associations, advocacy groups, public policy groups, academia members, local government officials, and nonprofit organizations spoke to senior state government executives about the realities of red tape and regulatory agencies. The findings and progress made through the Pits and Peeves initiatives has been documented along the way:

Cut the Burden

Colorado’s economy benefits from continuous review of regulation to eliminate unnecessary regulatory burdens and requirements, so the Hickenlooper Administration has tasked each department to identify “Cut the Burden” projects to comply with regulations or requirements in a meaningful and measurable way.

For the FY17 Cut the Burden initiative, departments have committed to projects that will reduce more than a dozen requirements in a quantifiable, measurable way--saving customers $7.8 million and 2,260,000 hours.  In addition, for the Regulatory Agendas submitted November 1, 2016, department executive directors certified that for every rulemaking on the agenda, stakeholders were engaged prior to the formal rulemaking process a step that goes beyond the requirements of House Bill 12-1008.

Cut the Burden Achievements

Cut the Burden Projects

Changes to Rulemaking

The modifications to state agencies’ rulemaking process is intended to create more transparency and efficiency to rulemaking, and ensure that all departments engage early with stakeholders in rulemaking.

The Colorado Rulemaking Process