Broadband Deployment Board

Broadband Deployment Board

Broadband Deployment Board

The Broadband Deployment Board established through HB14-1328 was created to implement and administer the deployment of broadband service in unserved areas of the state by awarding grants from the Broadband Fund.

Board Policies

Board Members

Jon Becker Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Jane Blackstone Unserved Western Slope
Mike Brazell County Commissioner
John Gavan PUC
Keith Goodwin Local Entity
Jeff Kraft     OEDIT
John Lee     Rural Cable Provider
Anthony (Tony) Neal-Graves OIT
Jennifer Price     Cable Provider
Roberta Robinette     Wireless Provider
Lisa Scalpone     Satellite Provider
Karen Sheek     Mayor or City Councilperson
David Shipley     Rural Local Exchange Carrier
Brian Wagner     Wireline Provider
Jeremy Weathers     Unserved Eastern Slope
Greg Winkler     DOLA


Board Calendar, Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Agendas and Minutes